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High Performance Package Sewage Treatment Plants
for Residential Applications

For domestic properties with no access to mains drainage, the Klargester BioDisc® gives you a reliable, efficient and Eco safe solution for your sewage disposal needs.

This unit is just the job for properties where discharge is to underground irrigation, or to a local watercourse where approved by the local Regulator, and where a septic system will not meet the standards required.

Certified to European Standard EN 12566
- Part 3 – Annexe B – Performance Tests

In 2005, the Klargester BioDisc® underwent 40 weeks of stringent testing to assess its treatment efficiency as part of Klargester’s commitment to meet the new European Standard for small treatment plants.

After delivering exceptionally high levels of pollution removal (95%) under varying loads and conditions, the Klargester BioDisc® was awarded its Performance Certificate. The test report also highlighted the following benefits and advantages of the BioDisc:

·         The Klargester BioDisc® operates without noise or odour.

·         Maintenance requirements are low with good access.

·         No technical or mechanical faults.

·         Low power consumption at 1.3kw/d – approx 10-14 pence per day.

·         Low sludge build up and large storage capacity.

Unique Design

The Klargester BioDisc® is the only packaged sewage treatment plant using Rotating Biological Contactor technology for domestic applications. This process offers low cost and high performance benefits with low carbon emissions.

Assured Performance

Klargester BioDisc® is a very high performance sewage treatment plant that, in standard domestic homes, will produce wastewater qualities of better than 15mg/l BOD*, 25mg/l SS and 15mg/l ammonia.

*Wastewater from sewage treatment plants contains organic materials that are decomposed by microorganisms, which make use of oxygen in the process – the amount of oxygen consumed by these organisms in breaking down the waste is known as the ‘biochemical oxygen demand’ or BOD.

Low Running Costs

Klargester BioDisc® has the lowest operational and maintenance costs of any sewage treatment plant in its field. The single home unit needs a yearly de-sludge only, the motor rating is 50 watts and routine maintenance is minimal.

Low Lifetime Costs

Lowest running costs with the quality of build and strength of the equipment – mainly the drive motor that has a much longer service life than the pumps and compressors fitted to other units – all add up to a lower lifetime cost for the Klargester BioDisc®.

Process Stability

The Klargester BioDisc® is known for its treatment performance. This is further enhanced by Klargester’s Managed Flow System, which ensures great performance by smoothing peak flows and buffering biological loads over the working day.

Low Profile Covers

Access for service and maintenance is provided via a long lasting, unobtrusive cover at ground level.


Subject to relevant authority consent and site conditions, the plant discharge can be to a watercourse or to a drainage field.

Standard Invert Options

Three standard drain invert level alternatives are available from us to match the site topography and where applicable, minimise the invert depth. The Klargester BA, and BB BioDisc® are available with an integrated pump to move wastewater from point of treatment if site levels demand this.

Nationwide Availability

We can ship these units throughout the UK.

How the Klargester BioDisc® Works
At the heart of the Klargester BioDisc® is the Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC). This key design feature supports an active biological film (known as a biomass) on which aerobic micro-organisms, which are present naturally in sewage, establish themselves and proliferate, leading to the natural breakdown of sewage material as described next:

The Breakdown Process (please read in conjunction with illustration below)

Sewage and waste water flows into the primary settlement zone (1) and here the solids settle and are retained. Periodically, this accumulated sludge should be removed.

Liquid (known as liquor!) that is partially clarified and which contains fine suspended solids then flows upwards into the first

the klargester biodisc ba

stage Biozone (2) to be broken down by micro-organisms on the RBC. Suspended solids return to the primary settlement zone – the liquor is then transferred to the second stage Biozone (3) for further treatment.

Any solids that remain are retained in the final settlement tank (4). This results in a very high quality of effluent which can be discharged to a watercourse.


The composition of the RBC is in the form of banks of vacuum formed polypropylene media supported by a steel shaft. This is slowly rotated by a low energy consumption electric motor and drive assembly.

Note: The Klargester BioDisc® is designed to deal with normal domestic sewage. If the sewage is likely to contain unusual substances, please consult us for further advice.


Unit Size Single House
Population Equivalent 1 house,
up to 4 bedrooms
1 house
up to 7 bedrooms
Overall Diameter / Width (A) mm 1995 1995
Overall Length (B) mm - -
Standard Drain Invert Inlet (C) mm 750* 750*
Standard Outlet (D) mm 835 835
Depth from Invert to Base (E) mm 1400 1400
Pipework Diameter (mm) 110 110
Sludge Storage Period (approx) 12 months 9 months
Standard Power Supply Single phase Single phase
Motor Rating 50W 50W
Weight (tonnes) standard units 0.388 0.418
Unit Size Multiple Houses
Population Equivalent 2 houses
up to 8 bedrooms
3 houses
up to 12 bedrooms
4 houses
15-16 bedrooms
Overall Diameter / Width (A) mm 1995 2450 2450
Overall Length (B) mm - - 3340
Standard Drain Invert Inlet (C) mm 750* 600** 600**
Standard Outlet (D) mm 835 685 685
Depth from Invert to Base (E) mm 1400 1820 1820
Pipework Diameter (mm) 110 110 110
Sludge Storage Period (approx) 6 months 7 months 6 months
Standard Power Supply Single phase Single phase Single phase
Motor Rating 50W 75W 75W
Weight (tonnes) standard units 0.418 0.650 1.100

Applications which include waste disposal units will require special sizing.
Please consult us regarding this.
* Optional invert depths of 450mm and 1250mm are available.
** Optional invert depth of 1100mm is available.

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Klargester Biodisc Inverts

1250mm Invert, 750mm Invert, 450mm Invert


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